Three Simple Shifts to
Stay on Track Right Now

Whether you follow the anti-candida diet, anti-Lyme diet, AIP, keto or something else, it can be tough to stick with it--especially during these stressful times when life isn't quite "business as usual."

Grab these 3 simple shifts
that will. . .

  • Help you stay on track (or get you back there) in the current conditions
  • Debunk the biggest myth about how to maintain a healthy diet (Hint: it isn’t about the food)
  • Reveal one thing you can do in less than 30 seconds to drastically improve your ability to stay focused on healthy eating

  • BONUS: Three amazing recipes you can make with shelf stable foods you have on hand! 

About Ricki

Ricki Heller, R.H.N, PhD, is a healthy eating coach, educator, writer and whole foods recipe developer who helps people with dietary restrictions love food again without feeling deprived, so they can focus on healing and living their best lives.

Through her coaching and online programs, Ricki shares her passion for thriving without sugar, gluten, eggs or dairy. She is also the author of four books, including Living Candida-Free, which shot to #1 on amazon its first day in print.

Ricki is also a dog mom, pop culture fanatic and die-hard chocoholic. She lives with her husband and two fur babies just north of Toronto.