Make the most of the holiday season, eat delicious foods and have fun--all while sticking with your healthy diet!



You’ll learn:

  • The critical first step that you MUST take to set yourself up for success--through the season
  • Powerful strategies to use so you don’t slip up, even when faced with all the traditional dishes you usually consume
  • How to create foods you and your family will LOVE (that NO ONE will even know are “healthy”)--but free of the ingredients that trigger your symptoms
  • What to do when you’re faced with urges or cravings for the “regular” foods (and a powerful technique to keep you on track)
  • How to deal with people who try to feed you things you know aren’t good for you--without feeling “bitchy” or guilty
  • . . . and more!

The holidays pose a special kind of challenge for those of us on restricted diets. When you add in all the stress in the world right now, it can feel like eating healthfully is an impossible goal. 

Let me show you how you can get through it--and still eat foods that support your health! 

Imagine how GREAT you’ll feel as you navigate the season with energy, vitality, and feeling your best?

No more regrets because you ate “all the things” and ended up sluggish, bloated, foggy-brained or worse for days (and had to miss out on time with family and friends because of it).  

Imagine how you’ll feel in January, knowing that you supported your body with healthy, delicious foods? Imagine waking up on January 1st--without any of the usual symptoms to hold you back? (Watch out, 2021!).

It’s time to take on the holidays--with your best, healthiest self! And I’ll help you get there.

I’ve worked with hundreds of people following restricted diets and helped them find foods they truly love, while sticking to their dietary restrictions. 

For some of us, learning how to live happily on restricted diets can literally make the difference between living a vibrant, happy, healthy life--or having to put your life on hold, waiting for that elusive day when you “finally” start to feel better.

Join us for HEALTHY THROUGH THE HOLIDAYS--and set yourself up for the best festive season yet.

About Ricki

Ricki Heller, R.H.N., PhD is a Healthy Eating Coach who specializes in diets free of sugar, gluten, eggs and dairy (such as the anti-candida diet or diet for Lyme disease). She has helped hundreds of people learn to love their food again, so they can lose their symptoms, regain health and get their lives back.

Through her coaching and online programs, Ricki shares her passion for thriving without sugar, gluten, eggs or dairy. She is also the author of four books, including Living Candida-Free, which shot to #1 on amazon its first day in print.

Ricki is also a dog mom, pop culture fanatic and die-hard chocoholic. She lives with her husband and two fur babies just north of Toronto.