A new way to work together. . . 

Coaching on Call

You’re stuck, and you need some help. It can happen to anyone.

Are you worried about what to do when you go out to eat with friends this weekend?

Anxious about how to handle your mother-in-law at the holidays?

Maybe it’s how to deal with intense chocolate cravings right this second. You need help–right now. You want support, now

Well now, you’ve got it. 

Coaching on Call is designed to give you access to coaching with me whenever you need it.  

When you sign up for Coaching on Call, you send me a text and we could be on the phone almost instantly.  

Imagine having access to the support, encouragement and guidance you need so you can get through any challenge.  

How great would it be to talk to someone who can help–as soon as you need it? How much better will your holidays be once you know just what to say or do and have the confidence to handle whatever the situation as soon as it arises?  

As a coach who wants to see you succeed, I’m opening up my entire calendar to you.  

No need to wait two weeks between appointments.  

No need to wait until you’ve forgotten what it was you wanted to talk about.  

No need to wait until your immediate crisis has passed–and now you have to live with the consequences of your imperfect actions and responses.  

As a coach who wants to see you succeed, I’m committed to having your back.  

Do you need to speak every day? Done.  

Do you need to speak twice in the same day, then not for three weeks? I’ve got you.  

Do you need to speak for 30 minutes at a time, but more frequently? Let’s do it.  

As long as I’m not sleeping or already speaking with someone else, we can talk!  

In fact, you’ll normally be able to speak with me within just a couple of minutes.  

I can guess what you’re thinking: Can she really be ready to help me anytime?

Is she going to be sitting there, phone in hand, waiting for a call? 

Actually, yes. 

Here's what I know for sure:

Help in the moment is easier, faster and more effective.  

I also know that waiting in anxiety is no way to live. And I don’t want you to miss out on some of the best times in life the way I once did.  

Over the years, I’ve coached clients through big challenges as well as the small day-to-day circumstances that trip us up. 

That’s how I realized that when we can talk in the moment, right when the problem pops up, things were resolved quickly with lots less stress.  

Recently, one of my clients had a work event that she couldn’t skip. She was worried about the cocktail party and the networking that would take place over dinner and drinks. Even though it wasn’t formally part of our coaching arrangement, she asked if she could call me if she arrived at the event and still needed support.  

I agreed and you know what? Just knowing support was available calmed her nerves enough that she made it through just fine on her own. In fact, she called me on the way back to the hotel to say “thanks” even though she ended up not reaching out from the event.  

And that’s when it hit me: this type of on-call coaching could help more of you, too.  

Honestly, my business manager thinks I’m a little crazy for doing this. But I know how much of a difference this will make for you. 

So we made a deal. In order to really be available to people, I can only take 2 clients for on-call coaching.  

This limit isn’t about excluding anyone or a false sense of scarcity; it’s about creating the space to truly be on-call. 

So I can be available for you. 

Want to grab one of those two private spots?

Sign Up For 10 Coaching on Call Sessions Now!

How does it work?


Sign up for your 10-session package, below. You'll be redirected to my scheduling page.

STEP TWO: Schedule (optional!)  

If you wish, schedule some time in advance. Or not; it’s entirely up to you.  

After you sign up for the On Call option, I’ll send over my text number so you can text me any time you feel you need to talk. If I’m free (and awake), we can be on the phone within 5 minutes–even if that time isn’t offered on my scheduling page. 

STEP THREE: Let's talk!  

Once you sign up, you’ll have up to 6 months to use your 10 sessions. (Note that sessions aren't transferable to someone else. If you don't use them within 6 months, you forfeit the remainder of the sessions at that time. See full Terms and Conditions below).


Sign Up for 10 Coaching on Call Sessions Now!

Terms and conditions: By signing up for Coaching on Call, you agree to the following terms and conditions. While I will set aside several hours of free time daily and most evenings, I cannot guarantee that there will always be a free appointment at the precise moment you call. If I am available, we will have an immediate coaching session. You will always have the option to schedule sessions in advance using my scheduling page if you wish to guarantee time(s) with me.

The package includes 10 full sessions within a 6-month span. Anything over 25 minutes (and up to 50 minutes) is considered one full session. Minutes cannot be carried over from one session to the next; if you don't use your full 50 minutes, you forfeit the rest of that session.

Payment must be made in advance, and there are no refunds. If your retainer period ends and you have not yet used your available hours, there is no carry-over to a new period; those hours are forfeited. You will always have the option to schedule sessions in advance if you wish to guarantee a time with me.