CLEAR CANDIDA FOR GOOD. . . without giving up the foods you love! 

Maybe you’ve just been diagnosed with candida and want to escape the overwhelm. Or maybe you’ve followed an anti-candida diet before without success, and now you’re looking for tips to stick with it and find food that you can actually enjoy.

Regardless of the anti-candida stage you’re at you are ready to dive in and do what it takes to feel better, because more than anything, you’re ready to be rid of the candida and just get your life back.

Having cleared my own candida and maintaining the anti-candida lifestyle for over 18 years, and after working with hundreds of clients, I’m willing to bet:

  • you’re frustrated by a plan that feels too restrictive, and you wonder if you’ll ever be able to eat this way long enough to see results;
  • you know what you “should” eat on the plan, but somehow when you’re out with friends, or at a birthday party, or faced with a bottle of wine, you fall off the wagon and eat some of the “taboo” foods.
  • you’re tired of having to defend the way you eat to family and friends, who want you to “just get back to normal eating already”;
  • you feel like the diet means you’ll have to spend half your day in the kitchen and end up cooking multiple meals to accommodate and please everyone;
  • you find it almost impossible to hang in there day after day when you constantly deal with nagging symptoms that won’t go away, overwhelming fatigue or crazy food cravings that make you think you’re stuck with this condition for life. . .
  • you miss your favorite foods, and motivation has slipped due to boredom eating the same meals over and over
  • you’re afraid to hope for too much and don’t really believe you’ll ever feel like your old self again

Candida diet-friendly Frozen Mocha Torte

If you see yourself in any of those points, believe me-- I know where you are right now. And I can assure you, there is a way out! ​

I promise you, everyone who starts the diet feels some overwhelm at the beginning. But the key to healing from candida is totally in your control, once you know how to simplify and embrace the process.

Just like adopting any new habit, the anti-candida protocol requires some learning. It’s entirely possible to find easy ways to prepare the new foods and to find recipes that you-- and your family-- will love, and even look forward to eating!

You can learn tips and tricks for dealing with cravings so that you don’t break the diet and go overboard on sugary foods or junk foods.

And dealing with family and friends becomes easy once you know how to present the information and respond to others’ questions or pressure to eat the foods you know don’t serve you well.

Because continuing on with sugar, refined foods and processed foods is what got you into this predicament in the first place. 

Eating whatever you crave when you crave it isn’t going to pave a path to health. Ignoring the debilitating symptoms will prevent you from socializing or participating in family adventures, or even working effectively. It will only lead to worse symptoms, and eventually, you’ll find your life at a standstill, with only symptoms and worry as your constant companions.

And you don’t want to wait until things are so bad that you begin to wonder if you’ve waited too long to seek help.

Hi, I’m Ricki Heller, and as someone who’s dealt with candida for almost 2 decades, I know that with the right tools-- a rock-solid program, fabulous foods, effective natural remedies and the right support, you can be free of candida and get back to living your best life.  

I know from experience how easy it is to avoid getting the help you need, allowing the symptoms to continue to grow until you’re alarmed at how much your life has slowed down because of fatigue, or insistent rashes, or foggy thinking.

I know because it happened to me. I followed a strict anti-candida diet for 2 years and felt great. I kept at it, eating healthful foods and watching my sugar and gluten intake, for 10 years-- and I continued to thrive and live symptom free.

Then, once Christmas, I decided to nibble on “just one shortbread cookie.” Well, that “one” cookie led to a dozen, which led to truffles, and wine, and pecan pie-- and before I knew it, I had reverted to ALL of my old, bad eating habits-- and my symptoms came back with a vengeance.

Only this time, it took twice as long, and I had to work twice as hard, to clear them again. I learned my lesson, and I’ve never slipped up since.

You may feel as if you’ve tried before, too, going on anti-candida diets, buying online programs or even seeing a specialist who offered an anti-candida protocol.

But somehow, you kept falling off the program and returning to your old eating habits. And each time, you felt just a little bit worse than before, and the concern about the candida grew just a little bit more. That’s because none of the programs out there addresses a key fact about those of us with candida: we love food. We’re natural foodies, and we love to eat.

Yes, you need a good program, with a strict anti-candida diet, plus all of the supplements and other tools to physically heal the body. An anti-candida procotol will never work without those.

But at the core, if you don’t enjoy your food? Well, you’ll never stick to any program.

Yes, you can get rid of candida, feel better and enjoy food. It really can be done. And I’m here to show you how.

  • What if there was a way to clear the candida, regain energy and eliminate symptoms—while still enjoying your food, sharing your meals with family and friends or spending countless hours in the kitchen-- all without stressing about what you can or can't eat?
  • What if you knew how to approach these situations with confidence and determination?
  • What if the cakes, or the alcohol, or the hot dogs at the family gathering were no longer an issue for you, and you knew you’d be able to stick with it?
  • What if you could be rid of symptoms, continue to live happily and joyfully with all the vitality and energy you used to have-- in other words, what if you could truly become yourself again?
  • And what if you had everything you needed to ensure you couldn’t fail?

With the right plan, backed up with key strategies, foolproof recipes (all using “safe” foods), unlimited support and guidance. . . you could easily stay the course. You’d be on the road to beating candida in a way that feels natural, normal, and-- yes-- even easy.

Introducing the Candida Kick-Start Program

A 5 step program so you can love food again, discover your best life and live candida-free for good!

The Candida Kick-Start is a proven plan that covers not only the “what to eat, but also dives deep to help you find foods you love, how to stick with the plan and how to enjoy your life while you clear the candida out of your body for good. 

You’ll have the support you need from Day One, with our community of anti-candida crusaders and direct access to me to ask all the questions you need so you feel confident and sure of your next steps. 

And you’ll learn strategies and techniques to make anti-candida living a part of your life, to ensure that you will not only heal, but also be able to maintain your newfound good health.

Here’s what we’ll cover in the Anti-Candida Diet 5-Step program:


The keys to your “mindset for success” that will allow you to adopt the winning attitude and approach even before you start and get you on the right track to ace the diet and protocol

The complete anti-candida protocol, so you’re crystal clear on all the foods you can eat, which ones to avoid, and which foods are your anti-candida “superstars” that will jump-start your healing

How to track your progress and know how your food might be affecting you and your symptoms

My full list of pantry staples to have on hand when you start, so you’ll be ready to eat delicious, satisfying, familiar meals that you’ll be proud to share with others


What you can do daily to maintain motivation and a positive approach to the diet

Best ways to support your detoxification systems so that you avoid any unpleasant symptoms of “die off” or detox reactions

Typical changes you can expect when you first start the diet, and how to handle them all

A full list of the best supplements and herbals to help fight candida, nourish your body and support a healthy detoxification


The five major types of challenges on the diet, and the 20+ pratical strategies to dismantle each one

My tried and true methods to crush cravings and overcome overwhelm

Best ways to respond when people subtly sabotage or derail your candida diet, so you can continue to get better without the drama

Ways to save money and time when you buy and prepare your foods so you don’t feel like a slave to your kitchen


How to cook like a pro with anti-candida ingredients (and no one will even know you’re on a “special diet”!)

Tricks to revamp recipes with candida diet-friendly substitutes so you don’t have to miss out on any of your favorite foods

Best practices and tips for entertaining at home without compromising taste and fun


How to know when you can move on to the next stage of the diet and introduce new foods

How to ensure you can socialize, go to parties, attend meetings and other events without worry or stress

Tips for traveling on the anti-candida diet: how to prepare and what to do when you’re away

Bringing back some of your previous foods: when to do it and how to know if you should


In these pre-recorded sessions, Ricki covers your most burning questions about the diet, what to eat, supplements, and more.


In this group, we share experiences, offer support and encouragement, ask questions, request feedback or crow about our successes-- all with a group of like-minded people who get what it’s like. Ricki is in this group regularly to answer questions and offer feedback.

You’ll never have to wonder about how to handle a situation, where to find a product or supplement, or whether you should try out a new approach-- it's more than likely someone else in the group has been there and will respond with their own experience and ideas. 


Your plan covers a full two weeks of program-compliant breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks

Recipe packet with all the recipes listed

Shopping list so you can head to the store and be fully stocked and ready to go on the first day of the program NOTE: my recipes are all plant-based (ie, vegan). However, any dietary approach will work with this plan. You’ll find ideas and options for omnivore choices as well.


Copies of each of Ricki’s anti-candida digital cookbooks, including Top Twelve Stage One Recipes, Living Candida-Free Sampler Recipes, A Sweet Life Thanksgiving (holiday recipes), and Good Morning! Breakfasts (2nd Edition).



Live coaching calls with Ricki inside the Facebook group for 4 months, where you can ask any and all of your questions about the diet, supplements, your own symptoms or anything else you'd like to know. These calls are all recorded and saved for you in case you can't make them live. You'll have the option to continue beyond the 4 months if you choose. 


That's a total value of $4174.92 


I suffered with symptoms for over two decades before I was finally diagnosed with candida and knew just what I was dealing with.  

But after many visits to naturopathic practitioners and my own studies, I became a Holistic Nutritionist with a mission: to fully understand candida, figure out how to stick with the protocol so I could recover and get my life back.

I scoured all the available the books on the topic, the online programs, the websites and anything else I could get my hands on so that I was familiar with every major anti-candida diet out there. I took what worked and left the duds on the table.  

As I continued to write about my experiences, people began to ask me for advice. And as I shared my progress and my recipes, I started getting feedback about how delicious the food was. . . even though it was “candida diet-safe”!  

And my approach worked! It took time, but as things got better and better, I found...  

  • I could get up each morning with energy and anticipation to leap into my day. My mind was clear and sharp--no more foggy brain!  
  • I was able to go out with friends, eat at restaurants, throw parties in my home. . all without every worrying about what I would or wouldn’t eat.  
  • I could take my dogs for hour-long walks and still feel great.  
  • My skin cleared up. My weight stabilized. Yeast infections virtually disappeared.  
  • I was able to eliminate candida and get my life back!  

The Candida Kick-Start will help you get your life back, too!

It will provide you with the key information, strategies, and guidance so that you can kick your candida, too. And once the candida is under control, you’ll be able to get back to living your full life again.

I’ve helped hundreds of people change the way they eat, address their symptoms, and restore their lives--all without feeling deprived or feeling like they had to stop living along the way. And I promise you, you’ll love the food in the program!  

My recipes have been featured by Ellen DeGeneres,, Kris Carr, Clean Eating magazine, Allergic Living, Simply Gluten-Free, SHAPE magazine, The Kitchn, and more.  

But the Candida Kick-Start isn’t just a diet, and it isn’t just a list of supplements or detox treatments. Anyone can give you a list of “yes” and “no” foods or what pills to take. 

What Makes The Candida Kick Start Program Different?

The Candida Kick Start program takes this information a step further than others, and shows you exactly how to integrate these changes into your real life, so you don’t have to feel deprived when you eat with family or friends, and you don’t have to feel like an outcast at your own dinner table. 

The Candida Kick-Start offers a comprehensive program that also includes the real, day-to-day challenges that threaten to trip you up.

You'll have all the resources you need to keep following the program that will help clear your candida. 

You’ll have a complete foundation of strategies, behaviors, techniques and tricks so that you can stick with the diet as long as you need to--until you get better.  

With the materials in the Candida Kick-Start, you’ll be set for as long as you need, and develop habits and an eating style that will serve you well for the rest of your life--not just until the candida is gone. 

Is The Candida Kick-Start Right For You?

  • If you’ve already been told that nothing is wrong but you know in your gut that your problems with sugar cravings, foggy thinking and itchy rashes are not just insignficant or supersficial problems, this program is right for you.  
  • If you’re tired of dealing with foggy thinking, rashes, overwhelming sugar cravings or other candida-related symptoms, this program is right for you.  
  • If you’re ready to get your life back and still enjoy your food, this program is right for you.  
  • If you’ve been diagnosed with candida or yeast overgrowth, this program is right for you.  
  • If you’ve been trying to overcome sugar or junk food cravings for a long time without success, this program is right for you.  
  • If you’re ready to take control of your own health and detox from yeast overgrowth, this program is right for you. 

This Program Is Not Right for You if. . . 

  • If you’re just looking for a quick fix without having to do any work, this program isn’t right for you.  
  • If you hate cooking and want to be able to buy everything pre-packaged, this program isn’t right for you.  
  • If you’re not willing to spend at least some time in the kitchen prepping food, this program isn’t right for you.  
  • If you’re not willing to try some new ingredients, this program isn’t right for you.  
  • If you’re hoping that your entire life will change in 2 weeks, this program isn’t right for you.  

I vowed to share everything I learned, so that no one else would have to go through the protocol with hit-or-miss strategies that ultimately failed. 

You can do this! You really can be free of candida--for good.  


Q. I haven’t been officially diagnosed. How do I know if I even need a candida program?

While there are some scientific tests that can measure candida antibodies in the blood, or candida in the stool, there is no one absolute test for candida. Most alternative practitioners will use a variety of tests, most commonly a long questionnaire, to determine how likely it is that you suffer from candida.  

The Candida Kick-Start teaches you how to eat in a way that cuts sugar, gluten and toxins from your food. It’s a healthful diet that also helps to detox and rebalance the army of bacteria, germs, parasites and fungi in the intestinal tract. Eating this way tends to remove sugar cravings and alleviate digestive distress.  

So, even without an official diagnosis of “candida,” if you think you’re dealing with yeast overgrowth, the Candida Kick-Start is your best place to begin!  

Q. I’m already overwhelmed with everything I have to do in a day. . . how will I implement a new way of eating AND do all the cooking for this program?

Let’s face it: everyone is super-busy these days. And even the most busy people have to fit what they do into the same 24-hour period as the rest of us.  

But if you want to be rid of candida for good, you'll need to change what you eat.  

The Candida Kick-Start is designed to streamline the process as much as humanly possible so that you don’t spend all your time in the health food store or the kitchen. With a variety of recipes from super simple (10 minutes or less) to more involved, you’ll have a choice about what to cook. 

And the done-for-you menu plan, shopping list and recipes will help cut the prep time down to the bare minimum, so you can focus on getting better and getting your life back.  

Q. My husband / children / friends / co-workers aren’t supportive of my dietary changes. Will I really be able to stick with this?

I’ve been following one form or other of this diet for over 18 years, and I haven’t lost any friends (or my husband!) yet. ;-) In the Candida Kick-Start, I’m going to share all the strategies I’ve learned to get my family on board, to diffuse any discussion with co-workers, and to draw out the positive responses from people who might have started out doubting what I was doing.  

Once your family and friends see how you’re blossoming and how great you feel, they will clamor to jump on board supporting you!  

Q. I’m not able to start right away. How long will I have to access the program?

Once you join the Candida Kick-Start, you’ll have lifetime access the modules, videos, handouts and any other materials, as long as the program exists. The initial program is designed to cover a 12-week period, but the information and benefits will continue to work far beyond that.  

You can access just the parts that apply to you at the moment, or work through the entire program step-by-step. 

The videos in each module are relatively short so you can watch one at a time and come back to them as you need them. It’s a tiny investment of time considering how this program could transform your health--and the rest of your life--permanently.  

You really can get better. . . and you don’t have to stumble through it all alone. 


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